Consumerism seems to have taken over the world like a disease. Before we had to worry about the Black Plague, Spanish Flu, or Colonialism all which seem to be caused by two worlds colliding into each other in one form or another; one destroying the other.

Now we have a different type of disease called Black Friday in which Capitalism prevails, destroying what ever stands in its way, the forest, the oceans, people, small communities. But doesn't hesitate to put their giant production lines into the small hands of children, whatever it takes to make a quick buck.

Capitalism has a ferocious appetite. Its insatiable. It also seem to have a jealous eye, wanting and taking on its own identity, it has morphed into the giant bully at school, trampling and destroying smaller individuals, leaving the playground desolate.

Now new trends pop up, like the 'pop up' store we see on the streets. But a common trend that must remain consistent like a thread that holds the fibres of our clothes and our society together is the care for our environment. Coming up with ways to nurture, regrow, reuse and recycle before we destroy ourselves out of existence.

With a fabulous team i dedicate this video to the earth, to recycling and to feminism, because i truly believe that women are the best nurturers.

Thank you to:
Johan Sorensen
Edward Moffet
Florencia Alba
Joy Kidston
Kristen Evelyn
Panasonic Lumix

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